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Covenant Builders – Steps to Building Your Dream Home

  1. Initial Concept Meeting 
    Covenant Builders is committed to walking you through every phase of construction. We have assisted numerous clients in building their dream homes.  The first step in walking side by side with you as you design a home to your exact specifications is for you to meet with us to discuss the home that you would like build.  To set up your Initial Concept Meeting contact Mike Crain.
  2. Select a Floor Plan
    Building your dream home is affordable and convenient with Covenant Builders. It’s a satisfying experience that begins with choosing and building the right home for you and your family. We have many architectural styles and floor plans to choose from. Our goal is to set you and your family up with the home of your dreams!
  3. Select a lot
    The location of your home is entirely up to you. Whether you already own a lot or you would like to join our Kings Gate community Covenant can build for you. View Our Available Lots
  4. Secure financing
    We work with several local banks. Please ask one of our team members to receive additional financing information. The lender you choose will be able to help you with the needed documentation and terms that will meet your individual situation.
  5. Customize Features and Details
    Covenant Builders offers a long list of included features, but everyone also adds their own special features.  We work with you to include all the features and customizations that you desire.  Then we will give you a simple estimate that shows your home's layout, an itemized list of upgrades and pricing, and an exact total price for your home.  From there we will work with you to adjust this list of customizations until the house is just right for you.  
  6. Finalize sales contract
    The sales contract will specify, to varying degrees, the dimensions and features of the proposed home, site plan, materials to be used, and delivery date. Reading and understanding all the documents may be a bit overwhelming; however, you won’t be doing this alone. Our knowledgeable team will be there to help you through the process. Don’t hesitate to ask questions!
  7. Break ground
    Home construction can take five to six months. The time of construction is dependent on the complexity of the home, the availability of construction trades and materials. Oh, and of course, the weather.
  8. Finalizing Details
    During construction you will select all the cosmetic details of your home. Everything from paint colors to cabinet hardware to electrical plug location will be yours for the choosing.  But don’t be overwhelmed, because our team will be there to guide you through the large variety of choices.
  9. Move In!
    After completion of your NEW home you will be able to move in with the assurance that everything was done with excellence and built to customized for you. With our one year new home warranty, you will be assured that your investment is well protected!